Arginine and Related ‘Pump’ Products – Myth Busters

The second instalment of our multi part series exploring common myths and misconceptions within the fitness and bodybuilding community. In part 2 we present the science behind arginine supplementation, giving an overview of its merit as well as alternatives which may produce greater results.

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Article written by

Joey Zinghini

Joey is an all rounded athlete and coach. He currently coaches a numerous range of clients, varying from bodybuilding and contest prep, powerlifting, and recreational clients who strive for optimal results through implemented nutrition and training strategies. He has competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions with wins in his respective divisions. Joey also is a top level powerlifter who is on the verge of making the Australian Team. A very approachable and understanding coach, with great passion for nutrition and muscle building, he is willing to work with anyone of all levels and goals.