IIFYM vs Clean Eating- Neutral Mindsets Episode 1

NPS coach, Chris Penfold kicks off the new series, ‘Neutral Mindsets’ with a discussion of the differences and similarities between the IIFYM approach and the clean eating approach to dieting.


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Article written by

Chris Penfold

Chris is an ISSN certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, IAPC certified contest prep coach and has a long list of other fitness industry credentials/specialties. He has worked full time as a personal trainer as well as being a Personal Training Manager and now a Club Manager of one of the largest Fitness First Clubs in Australia (who are one of the world’s largest gym chains/health clubs). A qualified Trainer and Assessor, Chris has vast experience in presenting/delivering seminars and also teaching Personal Training courses (including Cert III & IV). A lifetime Natural Bodybuilder (achieving numerous top 3 placings over years of competition) and also a competitive powerlifter he has very clear goals, striving to always be moving forward towards new objectives and accomplishments. Chris is passionate about all elements of movement, performance, physique, fitness, overall health and balanced success across all areas of life. His promise to Team NPS and his clients is to continue his own learning and developing in order to help as many others as possible achieve success with their goals. His viewpoint is: “There is no out of the box approach. Optimal is in the eye of the beholder. Start with intention, build a good plan but most importantly evolve the plan continually to ensure it establishes your individual best approach and journey. The science is important because it supplies us the evidence and theory we need to build foundations for our plans but correct application of that information with respect to ones circumstances and desired outcome is what separates the successful from the stagnant.”