NPS Lab Wollongong


Since 2012 Natural Physique Sciences has continued to grow as one of the leading experts in the online strength and physique coaching industry. We have coached hundreds of powerlifters, bodybuilders, figure and physique athletes, along with everyday non-competitors to allow them to reach new heights in their training/nutrition goals and chosen sports.

As we continued to grow via an online platform we felt that offering a more hands on approach was something we needed to explore and along with our passion of coaching athletes we have created the only premium science based strength and body-recomposition lab in the Illawarra, The NPS Lab!




Located in the heart of Wollongong, NPS Lab offers the gold standards in strength equipment including IPF specification barbells, Ivanko calibrated weight plates, Eleiko competition squat/bench racks, IPF specification bench press stations, IWF specification bumper plates, along with cast iron weight plates, heavy duty squat racks, dumbbells ranging from 2.5kg all the way to 50kg, and more direct bodybuilding machines including a lat pulldown, GHD, chest supported isolateral row, leg press, hack squat, leg extension/leg curl, shoulder press and more!




5/348 Keira Street, Wollongong NSW 2500.


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