Self Prescribed Exercise—Leading Only To Time Waste Overdose!

It is becoming increasingly alarming when walking around a gym, the number of people  performing exercises incorrectly and often selecting exercises that will have little or no impact toward reaching their desired goals.

Doing these things is not only completely unproductive but it can be very dangerous. The extreme examples I see on a daily basis are contributing more to postural deficiency and serious injury than they are towards results/fitness. The thing that baffles me the most is that all this self prescription of exercise programs makes no sense. If you think of several other examples, such as when your sick, most will go to a doctor. Or when you first started a job, You had to learn off someone else who had the experience and professional knowledge before you could be considered suitable/worthy of that job tittle, such as going from an apprentice to a fully qualified professional. But why when it comes to exercise does everyone just repeatedly have guesses at what is going to work for them, rather than consulting a reputable professional that is guaranteed to be able to help them?

If you further analyse the situation, you may say ok its due to the cost, because lets be realistic, it is not cheap to see any professional for a prolonged period. However, the pros of doing so  far outweighs the  cons making the cost more than justified!

Investing in something like coaching results in putting an end to wasted gym visits which produce no results. It is about more than just your short term goals. It is an education process, incorporating correct exercise techniques, theory behind how to achieve your goals and obtaining vast knowledge that you can take away ensuring every gym membership in the future is a sound investment.

The truly unfortunate part of all this is that  the fitness industry has more false marketing in it than any other, targeting peoples lack of knowledge within this area, promising the impossible and making a quick dollar before anyone catches on to the fact that the incentives associated with the all these products in question are purely fabricated.

I strongly encourage anyone who is serious about reaching their goals and maintaining good health for life to seek the professional assistance necessary. Don’t become or remain one of the masses that continually fails to achieve their goals simply because the don’t actually  understand the body and how to produce the results they desire. Self prescribing exercises will only guarantee one thing. Pointless gym visits, with unnecessary abundances of effort leading to no progress and a lot of frustration.

Undertaking programs found in magazines or any other media types, will not produce optimal results. These have not been designed for you as an

individual, what works for one person does not work the same for the next. We are all different and at different levels, therefore require different program designs.

Anyone who has obtained the true results they desire has done so by applying science, not by applying chance!

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Article written by

Chris Penfold

Chris is an ISSN certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, IAPC certified contest prep coach and has a long list of other fitness industry credentials/specialties. He has worked full time as a personal trainer as well as being a Personal Training Manager and now a Club Manager of one of the largest Fitness First Clubs in Australia (who are one of the world’s largest gym chains/health clubs). A qualified Trainer and Assessor, Chris has vast experience in presenting/delivering seminars and also teaching Personal Training courses (including Cert III & IV). A lifetime Natural Bodybuilder (achieving numerous top 3 placings over years of competition) and also a competitive powerlifter he has very clear goals, striving to always be moving forward towards new objectives and accomplishments. Chris is passionate about all elements of movement, performance, physique, fitness, overall health and balanced success across all areas of life. His promise to Team NPS and his clients is to continue his own learning and developing in order to help as many others as possible achieve success with their goals. His viewpoint is: “There is no out of the box approach. Optimal is in the eye of the beholder. Start with intention, build a good plan but most importantly evolve the plan continually to ensure it establishes your individual best approach and journey. The science is important because it supplies us the evidence and theory we need to build foundations for our plans but correct application of that information with respect to ones circumstances and desired outcome is what separates the successful from the stagnant.”