What our clients have to say about us…

What an incredible journey I’m on, under the guidance of Mike Schaid – being completely new to bodybuilding, after a little deliberation (especially hearing of the horror diet regimes) I signed up with NPS. Since then it’s been a massive path of learning, growth and gains in a scientifically controlled way. I couldn’t be in better hands doing it this way. Mike is a very supportive, dedicated and encouraging mentor who has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to provide and he challenges and inspires me to do my best. Despite being in different parts of the world I’ve been happy with our communication. His responsiveness and time invested is testimony to his dedication as a coach to help me reach my goals. I love his calming manner and am amazed by his knowledge and wisdom beyond his years – a pretty remarkable young coach!

– Amanda James

I first competed in 2011 under a very traditional method of chicken and broccoli. My best finish was 11th out of 16 and the diet had me depressed and flat. In 2013 I competed again under NPS, I was overwhelmed by the support of the whole team and my coach Aaron was absolutely phenomenal. No stone was unturned, from posing and training down to diet specifics. I finished the season having placed 3rd and 2nd in my divisions  at the ANB Newcastle Classic and 2nd in the National Titles. All 4 of the coaches (at the time) came to Nationals to help and support me. Can’t wait to do it all again!

– Andrew Jessimer

I have been working with Mike since September 2013 to prep for 3 bodybuildingshows and 1 powerlifting meet. For the past 9 months my experience has beenphenomenol while working with him. He has gotten back to me with questions thatI have had extremely quick and his knowledge of pre-hab exercises and contest prepnutrition has helped me keep strength and progress conditioning to compete in bothpowerlifting and bodybuilding in the same season. I’ve fell victim to hiring a “bro-
science” contest prep in the past and it almost ruined my confidence and passionto these two sports. Mike has opened my eyes to discovering that there is a better,healthier, and more sustainable method to contest prep, which can be enjoyablewithout being too intrusive with my current lifestyle. I’ve placed top 3 in a heavyweight class in which was a class above my own. In my second show for the season Iwon my middle weight class and was a hair short of an overall title. I have one showleft and I am confident that working with Mike I will come in with the best physiqueever.Thanks for everything Mike!!

– Eldridge Abat


After several years off from competitive bodybuilding I found myself with an opportunity to get back into shape. So with the help of the Natural Physique Science coaches, I was able to set goals, create a plan and execute it without any problems. Their methodology of flexible dieting was by far the easieast and most ‘lifestyle suitable’ plan I have ever applied, also the most effective and progressive. Thanks guys!

– David Banyer

Since starting with NPS my training has been given a structure and direction it never had before. Instead of just lifting as hard as I could and hoping for the best like I used to I am now using periodisation and planned progressions and have overcome those plateaus I was stuck on forever. I’ve learnt that training hard counts for little if you don’t train smart and NPS  has put me on the right track!

– Ryan Docherty

I have been working with Mike for the past 4 months on creating a diet plan that will allow me to meet my fitness goals. He is incredibly patient, asks questions to better understand my aspirations, offers encouraging words during times of struggle and provides sound, scientifically-based advice that provides results remarkably fast. I would recommend Mike as a coach to both new competitors as well as those that are more experienced. His services are sure to inspire, coincide nicely with intense exercise training programs and offer results in a timely manner.

– Kaycee Reynolds

I have been working with Mike for about a year and a half now and love every minute of it! He is informative and gives great resources while understanding people’s needs and flexibility to incorporate his methods into any lifestyle.  When I started with Mike I was just coming off of working with another coach on a diet. I had just finished doing a pretty severe cut that had me limiting foods and eating zero carbs.  I was done and could not handle it anymore. I knew it would not work long term.  I approached Mike and talked about my goals and what we wanted to work towards. Since then we have brought my intake up over 1800kcals and increased my carbs to over 300 grams per day. I work in the health industry, so Mike and I often discuss training styles, injury rehab and mobility work to stay health and constantly progress my training.  I cannot be more pleased my strength gains after a pretty big injury.  Working with Mike has allowed me to see continue progress in muscle gain and strength while eating more food than I ever has, all while maintaining a lean physique.

– Evan Strewler

Working with Aaron was fantastic. His patience, understanding and encouragement was above and beyond what I expected. His knowledge and dedication helped enable me to shed the kilos without the strain of a ‘fad diet’. Highly recommended NPS to anyone!

– Laureen Beach

NPS really helped me to achieve my goal reducing body fat percentage while maintaining muscle mass. Chris helped change my perspective on nutrition and adapt a more calculated/scientific approach and was really helpful with weekly updates and constant tracking.

– Tyler Grose

I’ve just started working with Chris, and being a trainer myself I’m extremely selective in terms of who I would trust to coach me to achieve goals. Chris is super professional, has the knowledge and experience behind him and most importantly the demonstrated ability to get results.

– Catherine Costigan

After so many years trying every fad diet you can possibly think of, my weight constantly going up and down, me hating myself for never being able to keep the “perfect” body, Im so grateful for all the knowledge Joey has passed on to me, you have shown me that I don’t have to starve myself and deprive myself of so many “bad” foods, that I can still enjoy going out for dinner and the foods I love in moderation, and that through consistency and hard work I can achieve the goals I have set for my body, knowing that the result will last long term! Im still making progress and loving every minute of it!
I first came to Joey on 1100 calories, I am now up to 1750 calories

– Samantha Hunt

My whole life I was always known to be little and skinny. Like any other 20 year old male I was going out every weekend drinking Friday through to Sunday, and missing meals in between. In May 2012 I joined the gym for the fact that Joey worked there and I knew he would be a good trainer to get help/advice from. I joined the gym weighing around 65kg and had one goal, to eventually reach 80kg. Not one person believed I could do it, everyone said “You’re just naturally skinny and you always will be, you’ll never put on size or weigh 80kg”. But, from the beginning, Joey told me it was do-able.In September 2012 I became more involved with working with Joey to achieve my goals. I started counting my macros and started a new cycle of training. My numbers were: fat – 100 grams, carbs – 350 grams, fiber – 45 grams, and protein – 210 grams. I weighed 67kg and my body fat percentage was around 16%. My 1rms were: Squat – 95kg, Bench – 90kg, Deadlift – 130kg.Now, 9 months on, I weigh 80kg and my body fat percentage is 13.8%. My current numbers are: fat – 100 grams, carbs – 640 grams, and protein – 190 grams. My most recent 1rms are: Squat – 135kg, Bench – 105kg, Deadlift – 200kg. This whole lifestyle change has made me the happiest and most confident I have ever been, and without the guidance and help from Joey I would be far from where I am right now. I couldn’t ask for a better coach/trainer, no matter the time of day or what it is I need help with he always has the time to help or answer any questions I may have. And thanks to Joey I have gone from a disgustingly skinny, self conscious guy to an extremely happy and confident guy currently training to one day compete in bodybuilding.

– Tim Wain